Frequently Asked Questions

Agents can learn how to use our Transaction Room in less than 30 minutes.

For brokers and staff, onboarding happens over a one-week period, typically with less than 5 hours of hands-on instruction. We use a mix of live sessions and automated tutorials. Users also have access to a sandbox environment to practice and familiarize themselves with the system.

Yes, we offer support primarily by email after onboarding is complete. We respond to tickets within 1 business day, and if it's a complex issue we can also support you by phone or over videoconference. Most of our customers require very little support after going live.

As well, there are guided workflows and training videos within the platform itself, offering overviews of key functions and features.

RealDesk has automations for conveying documents to lawyers, processing payments, onboarding agents and new brokerage staff. The platform also makes it easier to perform more minor tasks, like sending sold reports to the Board, or having agents confirm their commissions.

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