RealDesk's Mission

(And Why We Chose to Accept It)

A few thoughts on why we started this journey, and how we hope to change the real estate world.

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Marc Sykes
Published on February 26, 2024

In the past I’ve had the privilege of being part of a few strongly mission-driven startups, and I always knew that when I decided to start my own venture, I would want the same.

So today I’m excited to talk about why Yan and I started RealDesk, and how we want to change the real estate world. After quite a bit of careful consideration and an untold number of drafts, we settled on the following as our mission statement:

To liberate real estate professionals from administrative inefficiencies, enabling them to redirect their time and energy toward growing their businesses, providing exceptional customer service, and fostering teamwork, thereby achieving their true potential in the industry.

This reflects our fundamental belief in empowerment and the transformative power of technology to make significant, positive changes in the lives of real estate professionals — initially, focusing on brokers, who are at the heart of residential real estate.

The Broker's Dilemma

We learned very early in our journey that for brokers, the best parts of their job certainly aren’t the paperwork or the back-office tasks — they value the human connections, client relationships, and working with their teams.

But the current state of technology in real estate means that the administrative burden significantly detracts from these valuable interactions. It's a challenge that's particularly acute for small to mid-size brokerages, where the luxury of large administrative teams to handle the back end of the business simply doesn't exist. This isn’t just inefficient; it's a barrier to growth, satisfaction, and ultimately, success.

How We Can Help

This is where RealDesk aims to make a difference, using our platform to address these challenges head-on. By consolidating multiple tools into one, we're not just simplifying the technology landscape; we're fundamentally changing how brokers interact with their business. Creating a more intuitive platform that requires minimal training also increases everyone’s ability to focus on what truly matters.

As well, prioritizing collaboration across the real estate ecosystem is about more than just streamlining processes. It's about creating a space where brokers can lead their teams more effectively, even when they're not physically in the same location. It's about ensuring that the time once lost to administrative tasks is now spent on activities that drive growth, improve service, and enhance profitability.

I share this mission with you not just as a promise of what RealDesk will do, but to explain what we believe the real estate industry can become. We see a future where professionals are liberated from the drudgery of administration, empowered to focus on their strengths and passions.

Join Us!

If this mission resonates with you, then I’d invite you to join us! Your support, feedback, and collaboration are what will make this dream a reality.

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