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“My favourite feature is the built-in EFT payment system. With a couple button pushes, we can close a file, pay out the commission to the agent, to the brokerage, and to the cooperating brokerage, while connected to our bank account.”

Kevin Saunders
Broker / Owner

We simplify your operations, so you can focus on growth.


Reduce admin overhead and reclaim your time.

Tired of getting bogged down with endless administrative tasks? RealDesk is here to help you focus on what truly matters.

Spend less time on paperwork and more time closing deals – RealDesk automates the admin so you can get back to what you do best.

With streamlined processes, your brokerage becomes a magnet for top agents who value efficiency and support – and free from the distractions of admin work, you can dedicate more time to mentoring and developing your team.

Bring harmony to your brokerage.

When your agents and staff are thriving, so are you.

Sick of juggling multiple systems? Tired of constant distracting phone calls and emails?

RealDesk consolidates everything you need into a single, user-friendly platform. Your staff benefit from reduced app clutter, streamlined tasks, and fewer interruptions, allowing them to focus on critical work.

Agents have the tools to self-serve, get paid faster, and enjoy more flexibility, leading to increased satisfaction and performance.


Sleep better at night with built-in compliance.


Protect and secure your brokerage with RealDesk.

Compliance doesn’t have to be a headache. RealDesk makes it straightforward and stress-free.

Keep all your important documents and data in one secure, easily accessible place. No more scattered files and folders. Mandatory data points and documents are captured automatically, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Set up clear, trackable approval workflows with audit trails, so you can always prove compliance.

RealDesk equips your brokerage with the tools to stay compliant and audit-ready, letting you sleep better knowing your brokerage is secure.

More than just a vendor: RealDesk is your trusted partner.

Say goodbye to being just another faceless client. RealDesk is committed to your success.

We focus on delivering real, tangible outcomes for your brokerage, not just selling you software. We measure our success by your success.

We’re here to help you grow and thrive in a competitive market. Our team is here to provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring you get the most out of RealDesk.

RealDesk is proudly Canadian, developed with a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the Canadian real estate industry.


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